the Krystall Convex Mirror

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The Krystall convex mirror is small but packs a lot of dazzle.  Its comprised of a gold leafed frame studded with three layers of quartz crystals that I’ve been collecting.  The inner rim has glass spheres surrounding the mirror.

The Krystall convex mirror is around 7 inches in diameter.  It is placed with my Atlanta showroom, Ainsworth-Noah.  Call 404.240.2137 for more.

Krystall is a slight alteration of Crystal, an English vocabulary word used to signify high-quality cut glass suggestive of a precious gemstone. The English borrowed the word from the Greek “krystallos” which appropriately means “ice”. The crystal quartz is found high in the ice-cold Alps (Switzerland and France) and the ancient people believed them to be frozen ice( perhaps the tears of the gods) which magically did not melt. The crystal is often a symbol of magical powers (think: the crystal ball) and is said to harness strong spiritual healing powers and represent the universal source of knowledge. Because crystals are transparent, they are also associated with ideals of clarity and purity.

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