the Kaiserin convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Kaiserin convex mirror is all about the color silver. The shimmer, depth and reflective quality are timeless. The frame was gilded roughly with silver leaf. Clear Venetian glass rods were layered on top with the silver leaf creating a back-lighting effect. Occasionally a very pale blue glass rod was placed to accent the cool nature of silver. Clear crystal cabochons in a variety of sizes were attached to the surface and helped to distort the straight lines of the glass rods much like small convex mirrors.

The Kaiserin convex mirror is about 8.5 inches in diameter. It is being shipped to B David Design in St. Louis. Call 314-822-2221 for more information.

Jewelry for walls!

Kaiserin is the German name for empress. It is mainly applied to the emperors of the unified German Empire (1871–1918) and the emperors of the Austrian Empire (1804–1918). Both of the Kaiserins below led invariably sad and lonely lives. But they had access to incredible jewels.

Perhaps the most famous Austrian Kaiserin was Empress Elizabeth( better known as “Sissi”), 24 December 1837 – 10 September 1898). She was married to Emperor Franz Josef who loved her but way mystified by her troubled and elusive nature. Famous for her beauty and style she was also known for her bouts of depression and manic behavior. She was a rebel. She was assassinated by a crazy Italian anarchist.

One of an array of diamond stars that Elizabeth used to decorate her abundant hair

The last Kaiserin of the German Empire was Empress Augusta Viktoria( 22 October 1858 – 11 April 1921) who was married to Wilhelm II. Thanks to the stubborn arrogance of her husband Europe was plunged into the carnage of WWI. She died in exile in England.

Some of her jewels were odd and fabulous! Like the four leaf clover tiara below.

Portrait of Augusta Victoria by Philip Laszlo in 1918