the Julius convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Julius convex mirror is built on a thick, wood frame that I have leafed with gold metal. Surrounding the mirror are Venetian glass rods and glass cabochons. But what makes the mirror work are the dramatically thick rock crystal quartz pieces.

The Julius convex mirror is around 14 inches in diameter. It is being sent to B. Davis Design in Kirkwood, MO. Call 831-626-2722 for more.

Jewelry for Walls!

Julius Caesar by Andrea di Pietro di Marco Ferrucci( 1512-14)

If you don’t know who Julius Caesar is you should be ashamed of yourself. Lol! Do a Google Search on him. There’s lots of interesting things to know about him.

Rex Harrison in the staggering, behemoth movie, Cleopatra( 1963).

The Assassination of Julius Caesar by Jean-Leon Ger0me, 1867. That’s him in a heap of bloody togas to the left.