the Heracles Box

In Boxes by Mark Evans

In progress.


The Herakles 3D lenticular box is made of a lacquered wooden box with  a marquetry of 3D lenticular postcards veneering the outside.

A lenticular 3D effect is where the image has a trick of the illusion of depth.  The image “moves” depending on what angle its viewed.

  Each postcard is sliced into small pieces and fitted together like a puzzle.  The different directions of the lenticular grooves give a shimmer and movement to the veneer…definitely taking a common, cracker jacks-like novelty and taking it to a high level of decorative art.  If I do say myself!

The box measures approximately 6.5″X9.5″X5.5″H.  It is currently in the Wynn Hotel store in Vegas.  If you are interested contact me directly.

Jewelry for tables.

One of the most spectacular floors at the Getty Villa is the reproduction of the Temple of Herakles 1st century pavement from the Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum.  Decorating a pavilion overlooking the Bay of Naples, the original Roman floor was the first architectural fiature discovered by workers excavating a well in 1750. Its geometric pattern of concentric circles of triangles is composed of yellow gaillo antico and dark gray africano marbles with green porphyry and red rosso antico arrows at the central medallion.

Thanks to the Getty for all this information.