the Hadrian convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Hadrian convex mirror started out with a very plain frame that I gilded with gold and silver metal leaf. The inner section is gold and has a sunburst of straw colored Venetian glass rods. So far so good. I then studded the inner and outer frame with rock crystal points creating a burst of transparent and translucent facets.

The Hadrian convex mirror is a little over 18 inches in diameter. It is in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for Walls!

A portrait of Hadrian painted in the 16th century in the Castel Sant’Angelo, Sala Paolina. The building was originally built for Hadrian’s tomb.

Hadrian was the Roman Emperor from 117 to 138AD. Edward Gibbon in his masterpiece of written history( the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) included Hadrian among the Empire’s Five Good Emperors, a benevolent dictator; Hadrian’s own Senate found him remote and authoritarian. He has been described as enigmatic and contradictory, with a capacity for both great personal generosity and extreme cruelty and driven by insatiable curiosity, self-conceit, and ambition. He was a fascinating man.

Hadrian is probably remembered for two things. The first is the Pantheon in Rome and the second is his relationship with the beautiful Antinous. Yup, Hadrian was gay.

Antinous depicted as Bacchus.

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