the Gaia Mirror

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Gaia Mirror

The Gaia mirror is made of the treasures of the earth.  The frame is wood and gilded.  It is embellished with tiger-eye, smoky quartz, Venetian glass and citrines.

The “mirror” is a large glass cabochon backed with a mirror.  The mirror does not reflect per se, but distorts what it sees.

This mirror is about 8 inches in diameter and is currently in the Los Angeles Quintus showroom.  Contact Jobst Blachy at 323-634-1924 for more information.

Jewelry for walls.

Gaia Side

Gaia Detail

Gaia is one of the Greek primordial deities and is the ancestral mother of all life.  She is the immediate parent of Uranus(the sky/heavens), from whose sexual union she bore the Titans (themselves parents of many of the Olympian gods) and the Giants and of Pontus(the sea), from whose union she bore the primordial sea gods.

Gaia is the one deity that is common to most cultures. Although Gaia is European, the earth mother goddess can be seen from the Aztec Coatlicue to the Chinese Nu Gua to the Middle Eastern Ninhursag to the Indian Durga. Her image can be seen in statuettes dating back to the Paleolithic Era( 30,000 years ago). The Venus of Willendorf is a prime example.


The Venus of Willendorf

Museum_of_Anatolian_Civilizations_1320259_nevitA statuette of the Middle East’s Ninhursag

Feuerbach_GaeaA 20th century illustration of Gaia by Feuerbach