the Elisabetta Convex Mirror

In Mirrors by Arif

 My new mirror is named Elisabetta and is composed of a silver leafed frame with spokes of quartz crystal narrow pyramids creating the sunburst.  The inner frame has rows of Venetian glass, clear spheres and resin jewels.

The Elisabetta convex mirror is around 18 inches in diameter.

Jewelry for walls!

If you are interested in this mirror please contact me.

The Elisabetta mirror was inspired by a famous painting of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter in 1865.  For more on this iconic portrait go to

Elisabeth was a remarkable woman: intelligent, beautiful, shy and independent.  She was also neurotic, paranoid, narcisstistic and anorectic.

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Empress Elisabeth’s diamond stars/edelweiss seen in her portrait.

The shape of the pyramids are reminiscent of ancient tombs found in Sudan. For more go to
A imaginative view of the pyramids of Giza done by J. Clark in 1735. Obviously he had never been to Egypt!