the Dimitri Convex Mirror

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The Dimitri convex mirror is composed of and old frame that I refurbished with gold and silver metal leaf. The gold areas have a base of crimson bole that flash from the seams of the leaf. Each of the rays has a recessed area that is silver. The frame is covered with a thick layer of gold and clear Venetian rods. The mirror is surrounded by crackled citrine spheres.

Dimitri is about 9.5 inches in diameter.

Jewelry for walls!

This mirror is being sent to the Ainsworth-Noah showroom in Atlanta.

The Dimitri mirror was inspired by the story of Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia. Specially his book Once Upon a Diamond: A Family Tradition of Royal Jewels. He is connected by blood to many of the royal houses of Europe. He is a jeweler and gemologist.

Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia. I have no idea who the photographer is!

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Prince Dimitri’s mother Princess Maria Pia wearing Harry Winston jewels in her hair. Like mother, like son!