the Cressida convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Cressida convex mirror is composed of a silver leafed frame layered with thin, clear Venetian glass rods. The tips of the frame are rock quartz crystal spheres and the inner ring around the mirror are glass cabochons.

The Cressida mirror is modest in size but has considerable impact. It messures about 6.75 inches in diameter. It is being sent to my showroom in Atlanta, Ainsworth-Noah. Call 404-231-8787 for more information.

Jewelry for Walls!

Cressida is a character who appears in many Medieval and Renaissance retellings of the story of the Trojan War. She is a Trojan woman, the daughter of Chryses, a Trojan priest. She falls in love with Troilus the youngest son of King Priam, and pledges everlasting love, but when she is sent to the Greeks as part of a hostage exchange, she forms a liaison with the Greek warrior Diomedes(!).  In later culture she becomes an archetype of a faithless lover. Duh….

Portrait of a Lady in the Character of Cressida exhibited 1800 John Opie 1761-1807

William Shakespeare wrote Troilus and Cressida in 1602. The tone alternates between bawdy comedy and tragic gloom. Readers and theatre-goers have frequently found it difficult to understand how they are meant to respond to the characters.  It is one of Shakespeare’s “problem plays” that has generated much lively critical debate.

Cressida and Diomedes flirt! A print after Henry Fusili’s painting circa 1804.