the Contis convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Contis convex mirror is all about gold. Layers of transparent gold, clear and pale yellow Venetian glass rods on top of a gilded frame. Nuggets of citrine crystals finish the design. Lush, rich and all about shades of the sun packed into a small( 8″) piece.

The Contis convex mirror resides in my studio pending being sent to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for Walls!

The Conti convex mirror is named for a branch of the royal French dynasty, the Bourbons. As members of the ruling family they were, by and large, a naughty rebellious bunch. The above is a portrait of François Louis, Prince of Conti circa 1680. He was a rebel against the crown, had a brilliant military mind, was a libertine of the highest order. He had affairs with women and men! He died of gaut and syphilis in 1709.

All branches of the Bourbons had a color that signified their house. The Conti color was yellow.

This is a portrait of Louis-François-Joseph de Bourbon-Conti in his yellow hunting attire. Continuing the loose ways of his ancestors he was the last of the Conti and died in 1814 in poverty.