the Cadmus convex mirror

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The Cadmus convex mirror consists of a black lacquer frame with a corona of large smoky quartz points. The inner rim is composed of chunks of raw smoky quartz crystals ranging in color from bronze to almost clear. This mirror is one of my favorites because it combines smoothly finished with rough textures.

Cadmus is around 14 inches in diameter. And its heavy!

Jewelry for walls!

Cadmus is named for the mythical king of Thebes. His life was a long one and he went on many quests, lost his beloved daughter( Europa) to Zeus, killed a dragon and sowed the earth with dragon teeth( producing a crop of vicious warriors! His children got into a lot of shenanigans( his daughter Semele was impregnated by Zeus and gave birth to the god Bacchus!). Cadmus was renown for introducing writing and the alphabet to Greece.

For more on this fascinating man go to:

Greek amphora showing Cadmus killing the dragon, 560-50 BC
Cadmus Slaying the Dragon by Hendrick Goltzius, 1573-1617
Sailors and Floozies by Paul Cadmus, 1938. You can’t talk about Cadmus without an acknowledgment of this famous and infamous American artist.