the Boules de Neige convex mirror

In All by Mark Evans

The Boules de Neige convex mirror is all crystal and ice. Layers of clear Venetian glass rods finished off with spheres of cracked crystal and quartz.

The Boules de Neige mirror is around 12 inches in diameter. It is being shipped to my Carmel-by-the-Sea store, Cayen Home. Call +1 831 626 2722 for more.

Jewelry for Walls!

A 14 year old Napoleon Bonaparte surveying the triumph of his boyhood snow ball fight. Illustration by Horacde Vernet circa 1822.

Boules de Neige is French for snow ball. I use a lot of spheres in my work and the cracked glass spheres in this mirror reminded me of snow balls, hence the name. Duh.

A snow ball fight from the “months of the year” fresco in the Buonconiglio Castle in Italy. This depicts January. Circa 1400