the Bajazet Mirror

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The Bajazet convex mirror is made of smoky quartz spheres, sodalite spokes, lapis-lazuli disks, tiger eye cabochons, Venetian glass and a gold leafed frame.

This mirror is about 6 inches in diameter.  It is currently in my studio waiting to be shipped to one of my showrooms.  If you are interested contact me directly.

Jewelry for walls.

Tamelan and Bajazet; painting by Andrea Celesti( 1700)

Bajazet was Vivaldi’s opera for the 1735 Carnival season at Verona, and is based on the same libretto as Handel’s Tamerlano. The Ottoman sultan Bajazet has been defeated and taken captive by the ruthless Tartar emperor Tamerlano, but defiantly refuses to submit to him. Tamerlano wishes to marry Bajazet’s daughter Asteria, for whom he is prepared to ditch his fiancée Irene, but Asteria, after some confusions, remains loyal to her true love Andronico, one of Tamerlano’s allies. Just as the furious Tamerlano is promising all manner of dire punishments, Bajazet’s suicide brings him to his senses and the original relationships are restored.

Grim stuff.

Thank you Gramophone for the synopsis!

The Sultan Bajazet


Yes, you too can listen to this dazzling 18th century Vivaldi opera.  Just go to Amazon.