the Argenti II convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Argenti II convex mirror started as a wood frame that needed to be brought to life with silver metal gilding and a lot of black and raw umber glazing. The silver “back lit” the layers of clear Venetian glass rods. Surrounding the convex mirror are oval rock crystal cabochons that slightly float over the frame.

The Argenti convex mirror is about 17 inches in diameter and hangs in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls!

Argenti is Italian for silver. The Museo degli Argenti in Florence is the repository for the sumptuous treasures of the Medici dynasty accumulated over two centuries. If you want to be dazzled by incredible craftsmanship and gorgeous materials like amber, crystal, ivory, tortoise shell, silver and gold this is the place to go. Not to mention semi-precious gems and minerals!

The reliquary of Saint Sigismond by Foggini. Created in 1719 our of silver, ebony, semi-precious stones and gilt bronze. In the Museo degli Argenti.
The reliquary for the arm of Saint Valentine, 14th century. Swiss.

Okay, a lot of reliquary references….I personally find them fascinating. The reason that silver is used to lavishly on reliquaries is because of the preciousness of the metal. Silver also represents purity and divine light. Silver is associated with the moon and lunar cycles.