the Amadeus convex mirror

In All by Mark Evans

The Amadeus convex mirror has its foundation in a thick, heavy wood frame. I lacquered it black and silver gilded the facing surface. I layered gray and pale brown glass rods creating a penumbra. The smoky quarts points are a dramatic addition to the design. They add an earthy counterpoint to the glass.

The Amadeus mirror is about 18 inches in diameter. Its hanging in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for Walls!

Wolfgang Amadeus (27 January 1756 – 5 December 1791) was/is one of the giants of classical music. From a child prodigy to a prolific( over 800 musical compositions from opera, symphonies, chamber pieces, etc…) musician and composer. His tragic early death deprived the world of his pushing the boundaries of music. He could have matched or surpassed Beethoven. But what he left behind is sublime.

Mozart age 13( 1770) attributed to Cignaroli
Drawing of an adult Mozart circa 1789 by Doris Stock
Illustration of Mozart at a performance of his opera The Seduction from the Seraglio