The Tudors: Prince Arthur ( September 20, 1486-April 2, 1502) The Blank Slate

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Arthur was named after the legendary King Arthur of Camelot fame. He was the first child of King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth and was, thus, the heir to the throne of England. At the age of three he was made a knight of the Garter and Prince of Wales, and by 15 he was married to the Spanish Infanta Catherine of Aragon. The night of their wedding day they were put to bed by the court in the traditional bedding ceremony. Arthur claimed that he was “lusty and amorous” prior to his wedding. After their first night together he called for a cup of ale, saying “for I have been this night in the midst of Spain”.

In less than a year after the marriage, Arthur died of tuberculosis or the mysterious “sweating sickness”. He left Catherine with no children. She remarried to Henry, Arthur’s brother.

The details of Arthur and Catherine’s marriage bed became the flashpoint of his brother, Henry VIII’s divorce/annulment from Catherine of Aragon. She claimed that her marriage to Arthur was never consummated and on such things the course of history is determined.

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