The Tudors: Elizabeth I ( 1533-1603) the Blaze of Glory

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Elizabeth reigned as queen for 45 years. She was a popular monarch who presided over a golden age in English history. She was highly intelligent, tolerant, shrewd and cautious. She could also be indecisive, temperamental, vain and capricious.

After a youth spent in uncertainty veering from luxury as a princess to fear of the executioner’s ax she inherited the crown much to the delight and relief of her people.

Elizabeth’s reign was fraught with threats of invasion from Spain to threats to her throne at home from rebels and Catholics. However her firm grip on the reins of government coupled with the advice of a skilled advisors. Her triumph over the Spanish Armada marked the zenith of her lifetime.

Elizabeth ruled over a period of an immense flowering of the arts exemplified by the plays of Shakespeare and the music of Thomas Tallis .

She never married, preferring that her marriage to her people to be her only love.



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