The Girl with the Pearl Earring | Masterpiece Digital Print

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 There are many masterpieces of art in the world but a few have risen to iconic stature.  Most everyone knows them from reproductions, but the paintings’ images are also printed on coffee mugs, calendars, mouse pads, greeting cards and shampoo bottles.  Do these paintings fail to surprise us anymore?  Are there new ways of discovering what we love about them?

I have studied these masterpieces and put my own spin on them.  I have followed the rhythm of the colors as they play across the canvas and then abstracted them into stripes of varying widths.  I then blur them into an ombré so that the colors melt into each other.  When I look at them the ghost of the original painting peeks out and makes me love the work afresh.

The Starry Night ombré digital print measures 36″ by 48″




Girl with a Pearl Earring emailable

The Girl with the Pearl Earring is an oil painting by the great Flemish artist Johannes Vermeer around 1665. It depicts a young European girl wearing an exotic costume of a turban and a large pearl. Given the large size of the pearl it may have been a polished tin drop worn by the model. The model may be Vermeer’s eldest daughter, Maria, at around 13 years old. The portrait seems to have caught her surprised and turning her head towards the painter. Like many of Vermeer’s subjects she is imbued with a mysterious stillness.

All prints are printed to order.  The Girl with the Pearl Earring is limited to an edition of 10.  Custom sizes are welcome and priced individually.

All prints have the option of  1)being stretched on stretcher bars and crated for shipping, or 2) or being unstretched and rolled for shipping.  Framing is not included.