The Bourbon Dynasty: Marie Mancini: The First ( 1639-1715

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Marie Mancini was one of the nieces of Cardinal Mazarin, the chief minister of the young Louis XIV. Her family originated in Italy and exported to the court of France in order to marry advantageously.

The young Louis was besotted with her and wanted to marry her. This was, of course, not to be. Louis’ mother was violently opposed to any idea of marriage. Her uncle, Mazarin was horrified.

Marie and her sisters were forced to return to Italy.

In Italy she married Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna – an Italian prince.

Note: When departing Versailles Louis XIV gave Marie a small spaniel puppy with the words “I belong to Marie” engraved onto his silver collar.



Lenticular is a technique where one image “flips” to another using finely calibrated stripes of lenses. Most peoples first contact with lenticulars is the “blinking eye” prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. All Bourbon lenticulars measure 8 inches by 10 inches.

They are made to order and come in editions of 10.

Framing is not included.