The Bourbon Dynasty: Marie Amalie of Naples and Sicily: The Housewife ( 1782-1866)

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Her mother was the beloved sister of Marie Antoinette( Hapsburg) and her father was descended from Louis XIV( Bourbon).   As a child Marie Amalie watched the horror of the French Revolution and the beheading of her aunt and uncle.

It is ironic that Marie Amalie would marry the son of the despicable Louis-Philip Egalité who voted for the death of her uncle, Louis XVI and had a hand in Marie Antoinette’s execution. Apparently it was love at first sight.

Marie Amalie focused her life on raising her children

Note: Perhaps her most dazzling legacy is the diamond and sapphire parure that is on exhibition in the Louvre.

Note on Lenticular: The closest counterpart in history is our own Mamie Eisenhower, the quintessential 50’s housewife and mother.



Lenticular is a technique where one image “flips” to another using finely calibrated stripes of lenses. Most peoples first contact with lenticulars is the “blinking eye” prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. All Bourbon lenticulars measure 8 inches by 10 inches.

They are made to order and come in editions of 10.

Framing is not included.