The Bourbon Dynasty: Louis XIV, the Sun King ( 1638-1715)

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Louis XIV, the Sun King ( 1638-1715)

Louis XIV is the longest reigning monarch in European history. He was king for over 72 years. He was known as the “Sun King”.

His wars and his mania for building nearly bankrupted France. Those who suffered most were the poor and Louis was famously callous to their plight.

On one hand he was extremely polite and courteous to all. He was hard working and punctual. He was a great supporter of the arts. He was sexy, sentimental and pious. He enjoyed enormous meals. On the other hand Louis was intolerant, ruthless, religiously bigoted and indifferent to the discomfort, inconvenience or suffering of others. Louis was aggressive in war but for his own glory not for justice. He was a notorious libertine. In the end, Louis XIV was an arrogant hypocrite.

Louis lived so long that he outlived his time. The court had become calcified.He died an agonizing death due to gangrene in his leg.

Note: As a young man Louis XIV was a talented ballet dancer. As a teenager he starred in a court ballet dancing the role of Apollo. Hence, the Sun King was created.



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