The Bourbon Dynasty: Louis-Philippe: The Usurper ( 1773-1850)

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Louis-Philippe was born the male heir to the duc d’Orleans. The House of Orleans is the branch of the Bourbons that originated from Louis XIV’s brother. The gay one.

Louis-Philippe grew into an idealist young man who could never reconcile his ideals with the real world.

The French government proclaimed Louis-Philippe king after the ouster of Charles X. Louis-Philippe found himself in an impossible situation but he was very popular with the people and so he accepted the crown and tried to make the best of a bad situation. The Bourbons never forgave him. He was the first bourgeois king, called the “Citizen King”.

The industrial and agricultural depression of 1846 brought increased discontent. Louis-Philippe’s reaction was to become increasingly repressive. When he refused to give the right to vote to the poor and lower bourgeoisie it was the last straw. The country blew into open rebellion and Louis-Philippe was forced to abdicate.

Louis-Philippe died in 1850.

Note: Louis-Philippe survived seven assassination attempts.



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