Bourbon Dynasty: La Grande Madamoiselle: The Denied ( 1627-1693)

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Anne Marie Louise d’Orleans, Duchess of Montpensier was the daughter of Louis XIII’s brother, Gaston. She was the cousin of Louis XIV. As an only child she became one of the richest women in Europe.

She was desperate to marry. Her only great love was the smarmy, short, impoverished and surprisingly sexy duc de Lauzon. Louis called off the marriage. Her heart was broken.

La Grande Mademoiselle spent her life as a big-boned, horse faced woman in a court of beauties. Even worse, she was a spinster. Although very intelligent she was the butt of many jokes. Versailles was a cruel place.

Note: She introduced the composer Lully to the court of Louis XIV.

Note on Lenticular: While La Grande Madamoiselle holds a miniature of her true love Lauzon, the flip shows Louis famous shoes breaking her marriage ring.

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