Monstrance Convex Mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

Monstrance Convex Mirror
This is my Monstrance convex mirror. It is inspired by the sunburst objects that carry the wafer, or host, for communion in Catholic masses. They can be spectacularly frosted with gold and diamonds or they can be severely simple. My mirror is something in between. The deep inner curve of the mirror is silver gilding with a mosaic of pieces of crystal clear Murano glass. The sunburst is comprised of varying lengths of acrylic rods( glass would have been too brittle). The result is a bit mid-century modern, a bit baroque and my own sensibility.

It measures about 28 inches across.

Monstrance Mirror Detail 3

If you are interested in this mirror please contact the Quintus showroom and ask for Jobi Bachy, 323-634-1924.