Coronet Convex Mirror

Coronet Mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

This is a convex mirror created from an old funky round frame I found at a Paris flea market.  It sat around for years before I could figure out where to take it.

I refinished the frame and gilded it.  I then made a silicone mold from cone shaped carved soapstone and made the spikes that flare out from the frame.  Each is topped with an acrylic sphere.

I was inspired by the old, grand movie palace in San Francisco named the Coronet.  It’s where I first saw Star Wars and the theater had a modernist Camelot vibe that I thought was beautiful.  Unfortunately the theater was torn down and has been replaced with a retirement community.  So I named this mirror in tribute to the swooping, Sputnik, knight-and-fair-lady theater that stood there.

The mirror measures about 29 inches in diameter.

If you are interested in this mirror please contact the Quintus showroom and ask for Jobi Bachy, 323-634-1924.