the Aegis Convex Mirror

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Aegis Convex MirrorThe Aegis convex mirror is built on three layers of umber and warm grey Venetian glass rods.  On the second level I have attached Smoky quartz points.  The results display the richness and mystery of the natural world.

This mirror is about 16 inches in diameter.  It is in our LA showroom Quintus.  Contact Todd Sullivan at 323-634-1924.

Jewelry for walls.

Aegis Angled

Aegis Detail

According to Homer the “ægis” was the magical breastplate (or shield) of Zeus, which he lent to his daughter Athena in honor of her role in righteous warfare. However, most of the Greek gods had some sort of aegis to ward off evil or attacks.

The aegis of Athena is referred to in several places in the Iliad. “It produced a sound as from a myriad roaring dragons (Iliad, 4.17) and was borne by Athena in battle … and among them went bright-eyed Athene, holding the precious aegis which is ageless and immortal: a hundred tassels of pure gold hang fluttering from it, tight-woven each of them, and each the worth of a hundred oxen.”

The modern concept of doing something “under someone’s aegis” means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, or benevolent source. The word aegis is identified with protection by a strong force with its roots in Greek mythology and adopted by the Romans; there are parallels in Norse and in Egyptian mythology as well.


A shield made for Charles V of Spain by the master metalworker Francesco Negroli in 1541.  A renaissance version of the aegis shield.


A portrait of Charles V by Titian( 1548) wearing the Negroli armour.


Apollo Preceding Hector with His Aegis, and Dispersing the Greeks, a watercolor by John Flaxman ( 1755-1826).