the Guinevere Convex Mirror

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The Guinevere convex mirror started out as a broken frame.  After repairing it and gilding it I layered on Venetian glass rods in gold, straw and gray .The innermost part of the frame is studded with gilded glass cabochons, citrines and more Venetian glass.

This mirror is almost 24 inches in diameter.

The Guinevere convex mirror is in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.  You can contact me through this website for further information.

Jewelry for walls!

Guinevere goes “A-Maying”( which I think is celebrating Spring.) 1900, by John Collier( 1850-1934).


Lancelot Rescuing Guinevere from the Fire by William Hatherell (1855-1928).


Julie Andrews as a perfect Guinevere in Lerner & Loews’ musical Camelot in 1960.


Vanessa Redgrave and Richard Harris as Guinevere in the lavish but boring film of Camelot in 1967.  Guinevere’s wedding dress is embellished with thousands of bleached pumpkin seeds!

Yes, Mattel brought out a Barbie/Ken version of Arthur and Guinevere in 1999.