the Chrystos Convex Mirror

In All, Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Chrystos convex mirror is a classic oval sunburst  I have covered in with layers of Venetian glass rods and large glass spheres.  The perimeter of the frame is studded with gold, transparent cabochons.

The mirror area itself is a large, antiqued cabochon resting on a mirror.  It is a “mirror with no reflection”.

The Chrystos convex mirror is around 18″ by 16″ inches in diameter and is going to be placed in the Ainsworth-Noah showroom in Atlanta.

Jewelry for walls!

Chrystos is a common Greek male name.  Although basically associated with the Christian religion and Jesus Christ, the origins of the name lie on the ancient Greek language, since there is the word “hyrio” which means “to anoint”.  Chrystos is, thus, the Anointed one.

A circa 1261 mosaic in the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

In the Urban dictionary of slang the name Christos is “a good looking guy who has a care free attitude but sometimes abusive ,yet is still kind of sweet and loves to treat girls nice and has a big cock.(!)”

As in “My friend told me about a guy she wanted me to meet I don’t like blind dates ,but he turned out to be a chrystos.”

A photograph by Danny Fitzgerald from his exhibition Brooklyn Boys circa 1963