the Chrysos Convex Mirror

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The Chrysos convex mirror is made of two frames that I fused together in order to provide a thicker profile to work with.  On top of a roughly gilded surface I layered on gold Venetian glass straws, clear  quartz spheres, faceted citrine beads and wonderful bronzed glass polyhedrons that shoot shards of light like crazy.

The Chrysos mirror is seven inches in diameter and will be sent to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls!

The Chrysos mirror is named for KHRYSOS (Chrysos), the personified spirit (daimon) of gold and riches. He was the son of Zeus.

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The people of the Greek “Golden Age” were transformed into daimones by the will of Zeus, to serve mortals benevolently as their guardian spirits; “good beings who dispense riches…[nevertheless], they remain invisible, known only by their acts”. The daimones of venerated heros were localized by the construction of shrines, so as not to wander restlessly, and were believed to confer protection and good fortune on those offering their respects.

Winged daemon facing a woman with a tambourine and mirror, from southern Italy, about 320 BC.



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