the Catherine Convex Mirror

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The Catherine convex mirror is composed of a gilded frame layered with Venetian glass rods.  Gold, straw and gunmetal colors were used.  The center of the frame has two rows of faceted, polyhedron glass spheres that shower the room with glints of light.

The Catherine mirror is almost 24 inches in diameter and will be sent to my showroom Ainsworth-Noah in Atlanta.

Jewelry for walls!

This mirror is named after the great French queen, Catherine de Medici.  She had a Florentine education marked by neo-platonic culture, a wedding of state, a passion for hunting and horses, her late maternity in 1544, the splendours and the tragedies of the dynasty, her role as a patron and protector of the arts, and also her profound influence on the fashion of the time.

This is a miniature portrait by François Clouet, 1555.

Catherine was an Italian Medici and was looked down by the French as a “grocer’s daughter”. She was married to Henry II and had to compete with his mistress Diane de Poitiers who ruled her lover. After ten years she finally produced a string of 10 children.

The moment Henry died she took control of the regency and did all she could to secure France for her children, including attempting compromise between the warring Protestants and Catholics. All her children did their best to disappoint her.

Detail: Her secret motto was Hate and Wait.



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