the Athena Convex Mirror

In All, Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Athena  convex mirror frame is made of some sort of plastic( its the shape that drew me to it).   I filled the back with resin to give it some strength and heft then I gilded it with gold metal leaf.  Each of the rays are covered with layers of thin gold, clear and straw colored Venetian glass rods.  The inner frame is studded with gold, clear citrine spheres and glass cabochons.

This mirror is about 12.25 inches in diameter.  It is in my studio until being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls!

All through my childhood I was fascinated by the gods and goddesses of the ancient world.  Their stories and legends appealed to the mystical and world of fantasy in me.  Ovid’s Metamorphosis was major.

Athena was the mythological goddess of wisdom, but also the poetic symbol of reason and purity. Goddess Athena was very important to the Greeks, since they named her the Iliad’s goddess of fight, the warrior-defender, the protector of civilized life and artisan activities and so on…

Indeed, the Greek Mythology seems to be endlessly referring to Goddess Athena, one of the most known but also most influential Goddesses of all.

Admired and celebrated, Athena really had a significant role in the Greek mythology and in the lives of the Athenians and all Greeks. An important thing to have in mind is that Athena was the goddess of wisdom in a patriarchal society where women were not more than  sexual servants. This fact has been quite advanced for that time. The Symbol of Goddess Athena is the owl, a bird also associated with wisdom and intelligence.

Athena keeps being an endless inspiration for artists of all kind and became a Roman Goddess as well, named Minerva. Since the antiquity, many artists have included Goddess Athens in their plays and paintings, denoting her importance and dual role in the lives of people.

For more on the goddess Athena go to this terrific website:

Athena by Gustav Klimt, 1898

Athena statue, Roman copy, in the Louvre