the Anastasia Convex Mirror

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The Anastasia convex mirror is made of a wood base that has been gilded with gold metal leaf.  The “spokes” of the frame are quartz crystal points points.  The rest of the surface is covered with gold Venetian glass, Citrine drops and clear spheres.

The Elizabeth mirror is around 12 inches in height/diameter and is going to be placed in one of my showrooms.  Its small but impresses with its intricacy and subtle glitter.

Jewelry for walls!


The Anastasia convex mirror is named after the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia( 1901-1918) one of the doomed children of the last Czar of Russia, Nich0las and his wife the Czarina Alexandra.  She was a naughty, mischievious, charming and lively girl and was destined for great things.  She was killed by a Bolshevik firing squad with the rest of her family in 1918.

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Anastasia in court dress 1911.

Romanov family in 1913.

Anastasia making faces with false teeth around 1917.



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